#193 Finding Beauty: A Photo Essay

Finding Beauty.

In a wonderful conversation, a friend challenged me on my idea of “Beauty” with the suggestion that finding beauty involved judgement. I had said something along the lines of “beauty was like fuel to me”. By that I meant that noticing beauty feels like random awareness, a visual experience of joy.

Never have I even considered that finding beauty was a process of deciding what was beautiful versus what wasn’t. It has always been, for me, a one way flow. Beauty often appears as a sudden flash, almost always visual.

I understood that if I stuck to using words I would not be able to communicate what is in my heart and mind concerning this subject so it’s off to the photo archives to attempt to illustrate my thoughts with images.

Just look up.

Common Plants.

Just water.

Tree Bark.

Homemade Warm Pie.

Peter and Dana meet in person.


Teensy Tiny Bluets. First spring flower near the house.

Red Tail on a dump run.

Plant Nursery Resident Ducks.

Beach Rock.

Gnarly driftwood.

Beach Dog Joy.


Ice Storm Car.

Aesthetics at the Airport.

Grocery Parking Lot Sunset.

Ordinary Shell.

Sunset Windows.

Beach Grass.

Lots of Rain.

Getting into my car. Parking Lot.

California Christmas Backyard Picnic.

Wet Leaves on a Morning Walk.

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