About Me

Self-portrait. Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Word & Picture Musings, an adventure and exploration,  a new way to share my images and my thoughts.

My interest in writing began beside Lake Champlain scribbling out poems when I was quite young. I became interested in photography via photojournalism as an undergraduate at Boston University. College was interrupted by the birth of my daughter. I then spent some time enrolled off and on in a photo class at Plattsburgh State where I worked on honing my darkroom skills and expanding into further awareness of the world of artistic photography. This was followed by some wandering years, ending up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. I packed away the cameras. After years of large gardens, pigs and chickens, family, and community I had the opportunity to go back into the darkroom. A couple of years later and now on my own, I landed at Simmons College pursuing a graduate degree Library and Information Science and a thirty year career as an academic librarian. Around 2004 my daughter handed down her point-and-shoot digital camera. I felt I had waited my whole life for this way to create images without the restrictions of chemicals and darkroom spaces. My love of photographic images came full circle and I’ve been at it ever since. The writing interest returned and now, retired and living on the Maine coast, I move to a new format, a way to share my words and my photographs with friends and family and, perhaps, new friends at this exploratory point in my life.