#57 The Gift of Whale

The Gift of Whale.

Up before six this morning the sun, already above the horizon, was behind clouds so I saw it break through sending rays of light into the day’s beginning. Shortly after I looked out to see the whale fin glide gracefully above the water, the sleek dark gray back a moving arc in the water, so fluid and so fleeting.

Minke whale or whales have been feeding off this section of coast since late July. There is no predictability that I can pinpoint other that I’ve seen them at low tide and in mornings, afternoons, or even late evenings when there is fairly calm water. I only saw this morning’s whale once but I’m sure it was out there for a bit.

I’ve only seen the whale or whales when boats aren’t present. I wonder if they pick their times to come in close when they have the water to themselves.  

Human reactions to whale sightings seem to have the same quality regardless of the age of the human: Enthrallment. Pure joy. Awe. I find I look at the stretch of water differently when I know they are out there. There is a sense of mystery and magnificence when whale is present. Being able to see them ethically from shore, not chasing after them with whale boats (which I did long ago), is a gift that catches one’s soul in each and every sighting. 

*Note: No whale photo of course, as just catching a glimpse of them with the naked (bespectacled) eye is fleeting at best and sighting them with the camera nearly impossible, at least for me from this vantage point.

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