# 49 Lull of the Roar

Lull of the Roar.

Awake at nearly 4 a.m. the sound of the ocean is steadily rhythmic and only moderately loud. Tide cycles always affect sound but this time I am not sure whether it’s incoming or outgoing, but I am sure of the regularity of the repeating sound telling me there are rollers out there. And yes, it is like a heart rhythm. And yes, it is incredibly soothing. Despite most of our preconceptions, “regular” and “soothing” are also relativity rare descriptions for open ocean locations where water meets rock rather than sand..

Lying here in the semi-dark I can feel the peace embedded in the sound and how the sound of the ocean is as important as the look of it. Often called “primal” or “the sound we heard in the womb” (which always felt a bit overly dramatic to me) I can  feel this rhythm in my being: a rare lull bringing deep peace.



This is what the measurement/science of it looked like:
From the National Buoy Data Center:
Weather Conditions:     [3:50 am EDT 09-May-2019]
Wind: N (350°), 8 kts (14 kph)
Gust: 10 kts (18 kph)
Seas: 3.0 ft (0.9 m)
Peak Period: 11 sec
Pressure: 30.34 inHg (1027.3 mb) rising
Air Temp: 47 °F (8 °C)
Water Temp: 47 °F (9 °C)
Dew Point: 31 °F (-0 °C)

Wave Summary:            [4:00 am EDT 09-May-2019]
Swell: 3.0 ft (0.9 m)
Period: 11.4 sec
Direction: ESE
Wind Wave: 0.7 ft (0.2 m)
Period: 2.4 sec
Direction: N

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