# 42 Evidence


Mornings after a storm can offer yet another layer of beauty. The dark cloud bank is receding, moving east over the water, the lines of breaking clouds allowing sun through forming scattered shimmering patches of water.

This morning’s delight is the evidence of shoals, whose locations are marked by breaking white waves far out on the water, waves as white highlighters marking where the underlying seabed rises. Large waves break over these shallows but only when the tide is just right, the moving ebb or flow changing the volume of water over the sea bed lying closer to the surface.

Such large breaking waves, standing out so clearly from the rest of the rolling gray mass, may only be evident in terms of minutes, because tides are constantly moving and the wave break has to be just right. The breaking white lines dance there, not there, then back again, then gone.

The gray sea close to shore is bringing occasional breakers showing off shinning iridescent greens as the waves collapse. Up and down, sound and sight, in irregular rhythms as the biggest waves crash fiercely onto prominent rock outcroppings. The vibrations of the crash shake the house built on the same rock ledge.

It is a morning filled with light, color, and sound with fleeting glimpses of fury. A reason to be up early,


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