#39 Just Life: Frameworks

Just Life: Frameworks.

After watching yet another program from the British Telly,* I find myself thinking about the way we hide our own truths from ourselves. I think this is possible because we build a framework to contain this or that story and we repeat this story, or versions of it, to ourselves and to others. The story holds because we’ve formed a structure around it, but what would happen to the facts or essence of that story if we could loosen its framework letting it ooze out?

Frameworks require a lot of maintenance. Wooden or metal, there is much replacement, paint, fasteners and the like, involved in keeping the structure sound. This has to be true of our stories, our emotional frameworks or self constructed histories, as well. How do we maintain our stories? Don’t they require repetition, if not to others then to ourselves?

I am thinking of the stories I tell new friends when I am attempting to build a context, an explanation of who I am and of how I got here, now, at this point in my life. I tell these stories out of a belief they are true. I probably use the same phrases I’ve used telling others over time, but aren’t each of these stories constructions? Aren’t these recitations of my past history, these pieces I think of as life segments, just boxed information I’ve set on my internal history shelf and am now pulling out for another round of show and tell? If I pulled the essence away from it’s box what would it look like? How would it sound?

Perhaps we are drawn to water because of its form or, rather, it’s lack of form. Many of us can watch water as waves and tides for hours, how it flows or breaks differently with each surge. It is both repetitive yet new at every moment. What if we freed our stories from their containers? Would they flow like water, changing shape and color, providing different ways of seeing what we had thought of as solid? Would we try to put the essence of our stories into new containers or could we work with their essence to discover new ways of seeing what we thought of as solid? Would loosening the frameworks alter our perceptions of self? Would we no longer have an idea of who we are if we disassembled the frameworks holding our stories?

I think I will return to watching the water and see if I can release a story or two into fluid form. Maybe I’ll keep it to myself or maybe I’ll chance telling it as a flow rather than a construction.


*Acorn TV: The Boy With the Topknot.

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