#38 Decisions


Recently I had the simultaneous experience of needing to choose whether to go or stay in two separate situations. In the case where I stayed, I learned about being part of a collective energy, a lovely thrumming / humming / buzz to which I got to contribute. It was both me and not me at the same time. I suspect that if I had ever played in a band or sung in a chorus this lovely collective feeling would have been familiar and I am certain there are many other ways to be a part of such energy.

In the other situation, I recognized that my unintentionally disruptive energy needed to be withdrawn. I needed to go.

What remains curious to me is how we come into awareness of when to stay and when to go. Discomfort with the unknown may be an aspect of each, yet discomfort may not always be a  signal for departure. Discomfort might signal new ground offering opportunity for learning or growth but, sometimes, discomfort is the first signal telling us something is amiss.

I have been posing this question—how to decide when to stay or when to go—to others. One wise woman suggested either choice will lead to continued learning, that there are no bad choices but rather just choices that will get us where we need to be. It is a comforting thought.

Have you found your way to such understanding? I’m working on it.

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