#21 Morning Star

Morning Star.

I woke before dawn and saw a very bright Venus in the east very low on the horizon. The rising sun is showing what is to come as the orange streaks where the water meets the sky intensify but the star is still holding its own as morning light unfolds.

A few years ago I would have been distraught at being awakened at such an early hour. There were too many things to cram into the coming day and every bit of sleep was needed to meet those demands. Now such moments as this resemble prayer. If there is regret, it is not for the given-up job or a lifestyle formed by work. This transition into “old” or “useless” brings astounding reverence. Grace is what comes through the privilege of witnessing day coming into being. Peace is what comes from the silence watching light replace dark.

This morning Venus was the gift point of awareness, the guide signaling that paying attention would be rewarded.  How many such opportunities fill each and every day?

4 thoughts on “#21 Morning Star

  1. You are so wise, dear Jane. I, too, have been honoring Venus (and the other morning, the teeny sliver of waning moon not too far away in the sky). Thank you for your beautiful words and photos.


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