#9 Less Is More



Less Is More.

Clean. Bare. Stripped down. Lean. Sparse.

These words can describe a body or a life; a living space; a frame of mind or an attitude; a way of seeing or creating; a design. I breathe into what lies beyond these words, into the feeling of windswept or water-washed. Less-is-more is an excellent landscape for meditation. Less-is-more can become a striving.

Once long ago, a roommate uttered a truth I’ve carried all these years: “All decisions are made with too little information.”

Information is the exception to less-is-more.

You and I can fill the page with examples illustrating this wisdom.

2 thoughts on “#9 Less Is More

  1. Hi Jane

    I enjoyed that! It made me think of a book I loved and will read again : “The Book of Silence” by Sara Maitland. She found the solitude and silence as “full and wonderful” rather than empty. I certainly do. It seemed to define “less is more” when it comes to people! Keep up your good work. Kay


  2. Who was it that said, in the first half of life we amass things. In the second half, we want to let go. Ah, the shedding of Things. Thank you for this post!


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