#3 Manifestation

Wall Print


The childhood memories that remain sharpest are the times spent sitting by the lake or being out on it in the small boat with the outboard motor I was allowed to take out by myself at a fairly young age despite not being a strong swimmer. I experienced great joy drifting without anchor in isolated bays, surrounded by the sound of lapping waves, absorbed in a book, with birds and fish as my companions. Considering today’s world fraught with protecting children , these memories seem an impossibility but my parents trusted in something I cannot now fathom. I was blessed by that trust.

Until now, my high school years were the last time I lived so close to a large body of water although I returned to such places whenever I had a vacation break.  What is that pull of water bodies felt by so many of us in all parts of the world? A primal urge? A need for negative ions?

Homebound, driving inland from a vacation on Cape Cod, I saw a shop window filled with prints of water scenes and, spontaneously, I bought a large, inexpensive image of a waterside porch, sun sparkling on the water’s surface. This print has hung over my bed for twenty or thirty years, only now it hangs on the wall opposite from the windows that look out to an eerily similar view.  Even the paint colors are the same.

“Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life” is a book which was published a few years ago. I did not read it but I am now living with this manifestation.

I cannot explain anything aside from the longing.

5 thoughts on “#3 Manifestation

  1. I can very much relate. As I read your post, I remembered that I used to long to live in a small, cozy house in the south of France, near the Mediterranean. With a garden and surrounded by beauty, safe and secure — or as safe and secure as one can ever be in this life! I spent years being frustrated that I couldn’t or somehow wouldn’t get myself to realize that vision for my life. But reading your post, I realize that I’m living that vision, in a cozy and quirky small house in a Portland neighborhood by Portland Harbor. Everything is the way I envisioned it, except for the fact that Maine winters weren’t part of my vision! But it’s OK; my love for Maine in general more than makes up for the discomfort and inconvenience of the winters.


  2. Hi Jane. That’s so cool about the painting. When I saw it at the top of your post, I assumed it was something you had shot. It reminds me of where you live now! And isn’t it interesting how strong visual images can help guide us. Who knows how this crazy universe works. We just have to admire it when things click – and be grateful!


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